The Knew recently made their first tour venture down to the South on the “Rally and Rumble Tour” and had the forethought to record the notable moment on video. You can now watch the premiere of all their shenanigans below. But first, I word from the band:

There are only 4 of us in the band, so when we play our instruments, we can’t really film ourselves playing. We’d end up playing pretty bad. So that’s why most of this footage is of swimming holes, fireworks, juke joints, and single A baseball. We always wanted to tour the South and were glad to do so in a mix of DIY venues, bars, theatres, and pizza parlor basements.  As outsiders, we were confused by lots of the South and its inherited feelings & embedded mindsets – but the beauty in the vast majority of the people astonished us and we are looking forward to go again and get a better understanding. People down there gotta work harder to get away from its ragged past (and sometimes present), and it was a treat to shoot the shit with them for a couple weeks. Despite all that current tension in the South, the musicians we met were all outside of it and awesome.

The tour was in support of their recent 7″ release, Rally & Rumble, out now through Greater Than Collective. Grab a copy here.

Tour Dates:
7/24 – 3 Kings Tavern for the UMS (
7/31 – Town Square Park – Anchorage, AK (early show)
7/31 – Tap Root Public House – Anchorage, AK (late show)
8/01 – Warehouse show – Anchorage, AK
8/01 – TBA – TBA, AK
9/19 – Schmew release, Ratio, Denver, CO

The Knew are scheduled to release their new album Schmew through Greater Than Collective, and while you wait check out the video for the song “Rally and Rumble” below.

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