Interview with Volumes guitarist/keyboardist Diego Farias | By Natasha Van Duser

Change tends to make people uneasy, especially when it concerns a topic like heavy music, an outlet filled to the brim with metal elitists and diehard traditionalists. But every now and then, change can be a good thing and unexpectedly diversify an album for the better. “I think we’re always trying to somewhat reinvent the band with every release, and I think that was the goal with this record,” Volumes guitarist and keyboardist Diego Farias says. “I think there has been a lot of growth musically. We’re always involved in a lot of different music.”

This may seem like a pretty strange sentiment coming from a metalcore band, but with a new label in Fearless Records and a new vocalist in Bury Your Dead’s Myke Terry, it seems appropriate that Volumes would want to shake things up for their upcoming record, Different Animals, set for release on June 9.

“Our mindset is kind of to keep what’s cool about Volumes, the originality, but also showcase all this new music,” Farias continues. “I’ve been doing a lot of hip hop [on the side]. I do a lot of pop, Latin music, so I wanted to make sure to add kind of like a universal, worldly vibe. My brother has also been rapping, so we’ve added some rapping in there, and there’s also a lot more singing.”

Alongside their founding vocalist—Diego’s brother, Gus Farias—Volumes recently picked up Terry to add more melodic clean vocals to the record. “Now, we have two vocalists,” the guitarist notes, “one that can rap and scream and one that can sing and scream. So, let’s utilize that and see how much fun we can have with that.”

Fans got their first taste of the new lineup when the band dropped the single, “Feels Good,” in June of 2016, however, due to several setbacks, a full year elapsed before the full-length was ready to drop. “We have all these new great influences,” Farias, who co-produced the record alongside Brandon Paddock, explains. “The biggest challenge was how do you bring it all together but still make it sound like Volumes? Not only that, but how do you make it not sound forced? That’s why it took, like, a year and a half, two years to record the album.”

While “Feels Good” stays on the poppier, more melodic side of metalcore, Volumes’ second single, “On Her Mind,” ventures toward a more rap-centric feel. “Most of the time, when hip hop and metal come together, it’s really cheesy,” Farias says. “I don’t really see it done pretty well these days with anyone, so I think I’m really proud of the fact that we got that mixture going. To me, it sounds natural. It sounds good. It sounds like it’s supposed to be there.”

“We wanted to drop ‘On Her Mind,’ because honestly, it’s one of the most left-field songs on the record,” he continues. “We didn’t release that single just to be like, ‘Oh, this is going to be the best, hype our sales the most,’ or whatever. It was just released for the love of the music. And I’m glad we got our buddy Pouya on it, who is such a talented rapper.”

Volumes have evolved a lot since their formative years, laying the groundwork for their new sound throughout their last few albums. “I think anyone who has listened to Volumes for, like, genuinely liking the music and melody, there is no way they are going to be let down,” Farias says. “[Different Animals] is the record I am most proud of, so as an artist, I think this is going to be a game-changer for Volumes.”

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Photo by Brittany Isaacson

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