Alternative hard rockers Voodoo Terror Tribe will release their third full-length offering, entitled The Sun Shining Cold, on November 11, 2016. Produced by Ill Niño vocalist Cristian Machado, the 10-track album delivers in-your-face hard rock anthems, soaring ballads and alt-metal scorchers, all individually unique and dynamic in their delivery. The Sun Shining Cold is available for pre-order now via Bandcamp.

While you wait for the band’s new album, check out Emir Erkal’s list of top 5 important things for creating an engaging live show below.

Top 5 Important Things When Creating an Engaging Live Show

1) Proper Stage Lighting:

Stage lighting can make or break a performance just as easily as the failure of a wireless device’s battery. Everyone has attended a pro concert and went home and awed about the lights or the production in some way. You do not want to be the band that played that nobody can see.

2) Not just practice, but also rehearse everything:

Most artists don’t realize there is more to getting a live show ready than just “practicing” the music. Rehearsal involves the musical, the visual, the verbal, the rearranging of songs so they’d work live and more…

3) Need to create moments for the audience:

Audiences go to a live concert to be captured & engaged, to experience moments, and to have their lives changed in some way. As musicians, we make the mistake of thinking that we are awesome onstage and there are “moments” all through our songs. And there are – for us. But we need to create moments for our audience! And if you play in front of a totally different crowd than usual, don’t apologize for the way you sound in any part of the set! Don’t be ashamed to show the world who you are. Play the same as you would for any other crowd, and like you’re playing in front of thousands.

4) Be creative with your show:

As an artist you know your songs are all different. They have different themes, melodies, rhythms, and tones. They don’t sound the same, but they mostly look the same. You need to be as creative with your show as you are with your music. It can be a real problem if your songs all look the same, because to an audience that doesn’t know who you are, your songs will start sounding the same. Like Gene Simmons says “A Kiss concert is 50% music, 50% show,” which I totally agree that it should be like that.

5) Image on stage:

The way the band looks on stage plays a huge part in capturing the attention of the audience. The visual image you project matters. The eyes, as well as the ears, need to be satisfied if an audience member is to become a fan. You can see this at work with every successful musical act. The way an artist, a band/group look and act on stage affects the way you experience the music. The greatest artists capture your attention through their sheer power as performers.

Upcoming Shows:
October 22 – Newark, DE at Halftime Sports and Music Venue – Hollowfest 2016
October 28 – Clifton, NJ at Dingbatz  w/ Genitorturers

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