Watch A Clip From Glenn Danzig’s Upcoming ‘Portlandia’ Cameo

Glenn Danzig, noted skull-wanter, will be guest-starring on this week’s episode of IFC’s hit sketch comedy series Portlandia.

The legendary, if mercurial vocalist, who from an outsider’s perspective seems largely unwilling to ever poke fun at himself for any reason, acts in the episode alongside Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as The Weirdos, a recurring corpse-painted goth couple. Danzig appears to play some sort of Transylvanian character in the episode, as seen in the clip below; in an interview with Billboard he revealed how quickly the project came together:

Portlandia: Weirdos Go To The BeachWhen you’re at the beach you can never have too much Hurley. All new Portlandia Thursday 10P on IFC

Posted by Portlandia on Monday, February 8, 2016

“I just came home from tour and I went and checked my emails, and there was an email from Fred Armisen. I guess they’d been trying to get in touch with me. They were asking if I wanted to come up and do this Portlandia episode they wrote for me, and it was pretty crazy because they wanted me to come up that evening. They were filming [the next day].”

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