The three-piece punk band from Toronto, METZ, released a new music video for “Pure Auto,” which is one of the 12 singles featured in Automat, out on July 12 through Sup Pop Records. One-third of METZ, Alex Edkins states that “the idea to release Automat came after realizing our early 7” singles were being sold online for upwards of $60 bucks a pop. We wanted to make those songs available and affordable to anyone who might want them in the physical format. What started as reissuing a couple of 45s, quickly morphed into an entire LP, compiling rarities, demos and alternate takes from over the years.” Pre-order Automat here!

Edkins on “Pure Auto:”

“Pure Auto” is METZ at our most tongue in cheek. There are many winks and many nods (autonomy, me, me, me, me, me, for example) but ultimately it’s about being a control freak; fighting the urge to constantly steer the ship. Originally released as the B-side to the ‘Eraser’ 7″ it has never been played live, but for some reason still manages to be one of our collective favorites. It was written and recorded very quickly after completing the II album sessions and came out of a surge of creativity/excitement/relief following a particularly intense and time-consuming album.

METZ are currently working on their 4th full-length LP that will be released through Sub Pop Records. They will also be going on tour this summer. More info & tour dates here

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