It’s a little after halloween! What better way to relax than to take in the thrills with a nice spooky record? And why not dress up said spooky record a little? If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your vinyl, give it a shot with Waxwork’s Spinature collection.

“We noticed that a lot of people who buy records like to place an item on the center label: a toy or a trinket,” Waxwork cofounder Kevin Bergeron says. “But that’s actually kind of dangerous. It can really mess up your record or tonearm if it falls or rolls off somehow. So, we decided to create a decorative turntable accessory toy that is balanced and designed to securely sit on the spindle of your turntable while you spin records. Spinatures are safe, and they’re really fun. You don’t even need to have a turntable to enjoy them. They can be used to decorate your desk, bookshelf, dashboard—anywhere you can sit them, really.”

Waxwork is a fascinating label that goes above and beyond to include various offerings. “Waxwork started as a record label in January 2013 that specialized in releasing soundtracks and film scores,” Bergeron shares. “Since then, we’ve expanded into releasing original music, a book publisher, printmaking, and now, a toy company with Spinatures.”

Just in time for the season of death, Waxwork will release a Spinature of the iconic “Friday the 13th” slasher, Jason Voorhees. “He’s so iconic and instantly recognizable,” Bergeron states. “We’ve released many of the ‘Friday the 13th’ soundtracks on vinyl, and the fans for that franchise are pretty devoted and hardcore. Jason was a no-brainer.”

If the release of Jason gets you excited, Bergeron assures there will be more to come: “We have many in mind, but we can’t divulge them just yet.”

Kevin Bergeron’s Top Five Favorite Horror Slashers!

† Michael Myers from “Halloween”

† Jason Voorhees from “Friday the 13th”

† Billy from “Black Christmas”

† Harry Warden from “My Bloody Valentine”

† The Prowler from—you guessed it—“The Prowler”

Purchase a Waxwork Spinature here!

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