A little over a month ago, The Observatory OC Instagram posted a little tribute art to the Descendents “Silly Girl.” Shortly after that, they posted another what looked to be some Fidlar fan art. Then another one a few days later of Cigarette Daydreams, which everyone assumed was a Cage the Elephant song. A few days passed, Observatory OC posted an old photo of Morrissey with the caption “wwwy…” And instantly, the rumor mill started to roll.

What can these little clues be? Individual shows? A festival? And finally, the venue dropped the lineup for When We Were Young fest 2017. The Observatory are no stranger to incredible bills and have been behind festivals like Beach Goth, Soulquarius, Chain Fest, Psycho California, Burgerama and countless amazing performances, like that one Migos “Bad and Boujee” performance.

The lineup was definitely straight out of both an emo kid and an indie rocker’s wet dream, as you can see above. And with a very clever poster like that, how can you pass on such an amazing festival?

Anyway, I am pretty sure you know more about the festival than I do and you probably already got your weekend passes, so lets talk about some acts (that aren’t Morrissey) that I think you should take time to check out during the festival.

Here’s a little list I call, “10 bands who aren’t Moz that Joe thinks you should checkout during the WWWY2017”

1. The Get Up Kids

One of the most influential emo bands ever. Kansas City’s The Get Up Kids has been serving up some of the most straight to heart songs since 1995. They are the masterminds behind one of the greatest records in the last 20 years, Something to Write Home About. I can hype this band all day and it would be so unfair. You will definitely see me in that pit, screaming my brains off.

2. Descendents

They were the first hint for a reason. California’s legendary and still very active punk rock band hasn’t stopped hitting stages across the world and with the success of their first record in 12 years Hypercaffium Spazzinate, these punks don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon proving that there is no such thing as an old punk.

3. AFI

Another band that I’m pretty sure most of us had in our second gen iPod classic or your Sandisk mp3 player after downloading as much songs from Limewire as possible. AFI is another band that has withstood the test of time by playing many shows and releasing an incredible, tenth studio album. Come on now! Everyone knows “Girls Not Grey.”

4. Alkaline Trio

I’m pretty sure a lot of people got a good dose of Matt Skiba with Blink-182 and I absolutely think it was rad of him to do that gig, but thank the punk gods Alkaline Trio is back to playing shows. My body is ready and I hope yours is too.

5. Turnstile

These Maryland hardcore kids went from playing the smallest basements to the biggest festivals in Europe. After releasing their debut full length Nonstop Feeling in 2015, Turnstile has only kept moving up of the ladder and by the looks of it has no plan on taking a step back. There definitely was no pressure to succeed (aye!) for these Baltimore boys.

6. Choking Victim

Why the fuck would you miss this SKA-CORE experience.

7. David Bazan

Just like The Get Up Kids, David Bazan with Pedro the Lion fueled my emotions through high school and college. This guy is a writing genius and you should definitely watch him. If you caught him at one of those house shows he did, then I hate you (not really).

8. Saves the Day

Well, here I am. I don’t know how to say this. The only thing I know is awkward silence.

9. The Regerettes

When I heard this band for the first time, I said “Bruh.” When I saw how old they were, I said “Bruh.” Definitely a band to check out because they are cool as fuck!

10. Balance and Composure

Last year, the Doylestown, PA quintet released their third studio album Light We Made, which was one of last year’s best releases in my opinion. BalCo always puts on a good show whether it’s a small venue or a huge festival. A must see fosho!

I’m sure some of you are probably thinking “What the fuck Joe?! Where’s this band or that band, where the fuck is Morrissey in this list?” Well my friend, you can totally make your own list and I’m pretty sure you hashed out that $200 just to see that handsome devil.

Although, I would also say to also go catch Taking Back Sunday and Pinback and Senses Fail and Joyce Manor and maybe Set Your Goals. I just wanna end this by saying just go out and have a fun weekend with friends, by yourself, with your girlfriend or boyfriend or side-girl/boy, take that bootleg The Smiths or Moz shirt you bought from that one website a couple months ago for a test run, buy lowkey over-priced beer, buy a fuck ton of merch, take lots of Instax photos, Snapchat every single band and most likely retry to upload them when you get home, just get out there and check out all the good music that When We Were Young 2017 has to offer.

If you haven’t swooped your passes, click right here. See ya’ll there!

“Why do you come here? And why do you hang around?”

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