Wicked World Signs To Innerstrength Records

Innerstrength Records announces the addition of Wisconsin based, Wicked World. The band has finalized recording their debut album which is currently being mastered; a summer release is expected.

Founded in September of 2014 and fueled by the abundance of bitterness and misanthropy in the world around us, Wicked World are a Wisconsin-based act that mark the second coming of pure, punishing deathcore. A skull-smashing amalgamation of skin-shredding blast beats, blood-boiling riffs and bone-busting breakdowns, Wicked World draw influence from bands like Dying Fetus, Despised Icon and Whitechapel to create something thoroughly their own. Erupting onto the scene with their explosive debut “As I Decay” and a follow-up cross genre split EP with downtempo deathcore outfit Beyond the Aftermath titled “Sewer,” the band’s prolific writing ability is matched only by their love for bringing music to their fan base. Accruing seven tours across the east coast, midwest and southwest in under a year and a half, Wicked World pound the pavement just as hard they pound their listener’s skulls—and 2016 doesn’t see them slowing down at all. Preparing for their third studio release and even more tours, Wicked World have partnered with international hardcore and metal label Innerstrength Records to fuel the voracious growth of their deathcore dominion until the entire heavy music community is in their shadow.

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