Wine Lips are a garage-rock phenomenon. The songs are driving, riff-driven numbers that can’t help but bring about dancing. The music is a bundle of energy that explodes out of the speakers and doesn’t stop until the last guitar riff of “Kamikaze” comes to an abrupt end.

The musicianship of Wine Lips really stands out. The guitar riffs are fast, dirty, and stick in your head. Guitarists Cam Hillborn and Jordan Sosensky completely shred with their playing. The drumming of Aurora Evans hits hard most of the time, while still making good use of volume dynamics when the song calls for it. The fills, though used sparingly, are fantastic. Charlie Weare pounds away at the bass. The quartet really know how to craft a rock and roll song, which they prove on all 11 tracks on Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party.

Hillborn’s vocals fit their musical style nearly perfectly. It sounds raw and distorted, slightly difficult to decipher and all around awesome. Nearly every line is a sing along.

The album has a great flow to it. The 33-minute album length flies by like nothing, but the songs will stay in the listener’s head for days after each listen. There are no bad songs on the album. Wine Lips have created a start to finish masterpiece that will win over most every ear that gives them a listen

Wine Lips play garage rock done right. There are psychedelic and grunge-ish aspects that add to the enjoyment. Their music ranks right up there with the bands that influenced them. Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party holds its own with bands like The Hives, Arctic Monkey, and The White Stripes (to name a few). It’s only a matter of time before they become the band that others site as an influence.

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