We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of WOORMS’ music video for their song “Find a Meal, Find A Bed, Find a God” (watch it below). The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album Slake, which is scheduled to be released on January 18, 2019 through Hospital Records (US) and Sludgelord Records (UK/EU). You can pre-order the album here and here.

WOORMS guitarist/vocalist Joey Carbo commented on the song:

Every person is a perfectly unfucked being at the outset.
The birth process takes care of all that.
This is like my ninety-ninth misanthropy song and, hopefully, it’s my best on the subject.
A fetus finds itself free of need or want; coming into consciousness in a dark and warm, red cloud.
Head down in the water.
It’s all downhill from there – as they say. And the greatest minds of any era: the artists and thinkers and titans of science, they all had a few things in common. Three, to my mind. They would need food and shelter and most of them would create or find (or be subject to) a god or group of gods.
You’ll also need a job out here. You may find it necessary to kill, to do terrifying things. All things considered, it’s a rigged game and a shit show from one end to the other.
What were you thinking?
Best you stay in there, in the water.

About the band:

Formed in 2017 in Louisiana and featuring guitarist/vocalist Joey Carbo, bassist John Robinson, and drummer Aaron Polk, WOORMS has been delivering a devastating and brutal mélange of riffs and noise-rock righteousness on the precipice of significance for some time.

Yet despite only being a year into their sonic existence WOORMS has already racked up a number of releases; a collection of demos, digital one-offs (“Daddy Was A Masker,” “The Math Says, Yes”) and a split with NOLA thrashers, A Hanging. Toward the end of 2018, WOORMS returned with the first sanctioned cut from their debut album, Slake (which gets its official release this month), titled “Mouth is a Wound.” Fully stirred from a delirious slumber, a second cut soon followed with “Find a Meal, Find a Bed, Find a God,” which, for all intents and purposes, is the perfect introduction to the band.

Making for a devastatingly terse and perverse experience, from the pinnacle to the point of no return, WOORMS fall psychotically through the fuzz and unholy grind of bands like KARP, Jesus Lizard and Neurosis. Their debut album sets out its stall in the most spectacular of fashions; a lumbering, symphonic noise-rock shank fight between the fattest of riffs and the thinnest of patience with the world at large.

Connect with the band:
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Top photo by John Robinson

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