Interview with vocalist Phlegeton and bassist Guillemoth| By Spike Porteous

Deathfest has returned to Europe this year and has been welcomed with open arms by the people of Tilburg in the Netherlands. Over a period of three days, some 55 bands entertained fans from around the world. After a last minute flight change and a mad dash by the festival production staff, Wormed made it to the show in time to perform on Saturday night. I managed to catch up with them before they went on stage…

Welcome to the Netherlands Deathfest, guys. You almost didn’t make it! Is this your first time playing here?

P: Yes, there was a problem with one of the names the flights had been booked in, so we had to get a later flight than planned. The festival staff were fantastic though, they’ve done everything to get us here. We have played Deathfest before and we’re excited to be here. I think this is the first time it’s been in the Netherlands, though. Unfortunately, we have to leave early in the morning, so we won’t get a chance to see much of the city.

How important are festivals like these?

G: They are very important. Metal and death metal are not considered mainstream, so these festivals give bands like Wormed a great opportunity to showcase their music, introduce new music, and promote their albums and things.

You guys have been around since 1998. What is it that keeps you working as a band?

P: The love of the music. We get such a buzz and a great feeling inside knowing that something we have created or a show we have done has brought happiness to people. It’s just the best feeling in the world; we love what we do.

You had a new album released in March, almost three years since the release of Exdromos. Will you give us a bit more detail?

P: The album is called Krighsu and was released in Europe around [March] 18 and [March] 25 in the U.S. We actually finished recording the album a year ago. It’s only now that we have managed to get everything in place for the release.

G: We recorded Krighsu at the same studio as the last album, Sadman Studios in Madrid. Which was great, as we already knew the people there and they knew our music. This time round, we decided to go to the U.S. to master it, which has also turned out fantastic. It will be available on CD, vinyl, and download. We have a special colored vinyl edition; it’s multicolored and looks incredible.

Your last album, Exodromos, was released as a prequel to your first album. Where will Khrigsu fit into the story?

P: The new album is like a prequel to the prequel, so it’s now the beginning of the story. It goes back to the part of the universe’s journey into robotics, its evolution and migration with human life. It’s an evolving process, and we hope that people are able to follow the journey.

Can we expect anything new, with regards to the Wormed sound, on the new album?

P: I think it’s a step up from the last album, a more organic and atmospheric sound. The way we play hasn’t changed much. I mean, when you hear Krighsu, you will know it’s a Wormed album.

G: We released a preview single through Stereogum. It’s called “Agliptian Codex Cyborgization.” It’s still available to stream for free. We have had a very positive response to the single, and I think our fans are gonna love Krighsu.

Your album covers are works of futuristic art in themselves. Who is responsible for the artwork and where do the ideas come from?

P: As a graphic designer, I do all of our artwork. I take my inspiration from science fiction and being futuristic. Most of the designs just come to me, although there is a lot more pressure in designing an album cover for your own band than creating a design for a client.

You’re off to the U.S. in May where you will appear at the Deathfest in Maryland. How is the remainder of 2016 shaping up?

P: This will be our third time playing in Maryland; each time, it gets bigger and better. It’s great, because we get to play in the open air and the fans in U.S. are special, they show so much appreciation for our music. We can’t wait to play this year.

G: We are also playing Resurrection Festival in Spain with Iron Maiden, which is huge for us. There are a whole bunch of other festivals in Europe, which are almost confirmed, and we are in the process of planning our own headline tour to promote the new album. As soon as we have confirmed details, we will release them on our website and Facebook page. It’s looking like this year is going to be a big one for Wormed.

Pick up Khigsu here.


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