Worriers has released a music video for “The Possibility.” The video was directed by Emily Dubin and the song is from the band’s release Survival Pop.

According to the band, “We’re about to play a couple shows in Asbury Park so I thought that now would be a good time to share the video we made there for The Possibility. I grew up loving music about the shore and young love and classic cars and one dimensional waitresses. It was a nostalgia for a time that never existed for me, at least not the comfort of being out of the closet or enjoying my home state in the way all those boys in songs did. I wanted to write something that reflected my reality while growing up a queer kid in New Jersey, rolling my eyes at the version of girls in those songs that were just there to smoke cigarettes and be saved. I wanted this song, and at the end of the day every song, to be my answer to the narrative places in music that never held space for folks outside heteronormative relationships or the gender binary. I hope this video reflects the positive future I looked for in music when I was growing up and the place in it that I’ve been able to find now as an adult.-  xo Lauren”

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