We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of WRTHLESS’ music video for their song “Give Me A Reason (To Be On My Own)” – watch it below. The band commented on the song & video:

This is only our second single but we really went out there in terms of our usual sound, which coincides with this ambitious video production which we filmed in one day! Couldn’t have been done without our fantastic videographers and cast though so props goes out to them for helping bring this video to life.

Scottish pop punk quartet WRTHLESS was founded in March 2018 and have already been turning heads playing shows in Glasgow and then hitting the stage at the debut Pop Punk Pile Up Festival back in April 2018.

“Give Me A Reason” is one of two tracks the band recorded with Chris Marshall out of 7 West Studio in Glasgow. The single is a different sound and feel from the usual pop-punk vibe but familiar enough that it should still resonate within the scene. Having different members into a variety of genres has given the band’s material a different perspective and unique style.

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