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It was 40 years ago when X formed in Los Angeles after a mind-blowing performance by The Ramones! In the fall of ’76 when Billy Zoom saw the Ramones play at the Great Western Ballroom in Norwalk. The next day, Billy put an ad in Musician’s contact service looking for like-minded musicians to start a band with. That same day, bass player John Doe had placed a similar ad and saw Billy’s. The rest, as they say, is history!

The party starts this holiday season with the annual X-Mas shows. Beginning on November 27th in Seattle, the X-Mas 40th Anniversary Celebration will begin 4 nights of music in 4 cities celebrating 4 decades of music! After hitting the Northwest with Seattle/Portland dates, the band heads back down the coast with multiple shows through the Bay Area before hitting So Cal with 4 nights each in San Diego and Los Angeles at the infamous Roxy Theatre.

The show will be a history lesson for X fans – the music will tell the story from then to now with a different support band each night, including: Chris Shiflett, The Blasters, Mike Watt & The Secondmen, Small Wigs, Skating Polly, Tripwires and LP3 & The Tragedy.

Exene Cervenka commented on the celebration, “For a long time interviewers and X people we’ve met have asked us did you think when X started you’d still be playing together now? And our answer is surprisingly – No! Of course not! In 1976 I was 20; now I’m 60. How’s that for weird?! DJ Bonebrake, Billy Zoom, John Doe and Exene Cervenka are STILL together! We are still touring, and guess what? We now have Billy Zoom on saxophone, DJ on vibes! We added another fine musician, Craig Packham to fill in on drums and rhythm guitar to make that happen. Our harmonies are somewhat perfected, our souls are still in- tact, and against all odds, maladies and distractions, all the setbacks and obstacles- we are still here! Just some friendly advice- you should probably come see us play while you still have the chance. Not that X is going away anytime soon! A couple weeks ago we were in the van coming home from a show, and started talking about this very exciting 40th Anniversary year coming up. Then Billy said: ‘That’s nice. What are we doing for our 50th anniversary?’ Aren’t you glad X is still around? I am!”

X 40th Anniversary X-Mas Shows:

10/21/16 Rock Hall of Fame Cleveland, OH Johnny Cash Event

11/27/16 The Crocodile Seattle WA W/Skating Polly

11/28/16 The Crocodile Seattle WA W/The Blasters

11/29/16 The Crocodile Seattle WA W/Small Wigs

11/30/16 The Crocodile Seattle WA W/Tripwires

12/02/16 Crystal Ballroom Portland OR W/Small Wigs Skating Polly

12/04/16 Ace of Spades Sacramento CA W/Small Wigs

12/05/16 The Ritz San Jose, CA W/Small Wigs

12/06/16 Strummers Fresno CA W/Small Wigs

12/08/16 The Independent San Francisco CA W/Mike Watt & The Secondmen

12/09/16 The Independent San Francisco CA W/Small Wigs

12/10/16 The Independent San Francisco CA W/LP3 & The Tragedy

12/11/16 The Independent San Francisco CA W/Blasters

12/15/16 The Casbah San Diego, CA W/Mike Watt & The Secondmen

12/16/16 The Casbah San Diego, CA W/Blasters

12/17/16 The Casbah San Diego, CA W/Small Wigs

12/18/16 The Casbah San Diego, CA W/Chris Shiflett

12/28/16 The Roxy Hollywood, CA W/Mike Watt & The Secondmen

12/29/16 The Roxy Hollywood, CA W/Blasters

12/30/16 The Roxy Hollywood, CA W/Small Wigs

12/31/16 The Roxy Hollywood, CA W/Chris Shiflett


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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