Album Premiere: The Priceduifkes – Compilation

Bearded Punk, Monster Zero Records, and Rad Girlfriend Records have teamed up to release a compilation of The Priceduifkes four incredible EPs.

There are some things that go together exceptionally well. Peanut butter and jelly. Converse and high socks. Kanye West and Twitter meltdowns. And, The Priceduifkes EPs.

Over the years, Belgian punk rock outfit The Priceduifkes have released several EPs, four of which are now available on vinyl together for the first time ever, making this the perfect release to complete your Priceduifkes discography, Compilation featuring 2008’s She Spells Disaster, 2009’s Retards, Entries & Then Some, 2010’s Bloody Bloody Kempen and 2014’s Why Not.

With a grand total of 21 songs recorded over a period of seven years, this compilation sounds surprisingly cohesive. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that means these guys were musical geniuses right from the start or that there has barely been any discernible musical evolution over the years. Whatever the case, this compilation is a must-have for any self- respecting fan of The Priceduifkes.

Recently, the band went through another line-up change, making The Priceduifkes a five-piece, still as eager to hit the stage as those teenagers half a lifetime ago.

The band provided a track-by-track for the record, which you will find below:

“Swiss Fucking Watch”
Yes, after all these years, I still think the Big Lebowski is the best movie ever.

“She Spells Disaster”
This song also doubled as the theme song on a pirate-themed summer camp. We are pirates, we are pirates. P-I-R-A-T-E-S—yeah you get it. Not kidding.

“Annie On Formaldehyde”
WTF is formaldehyde, anyway? I just like the way you pronounce it.

“Your Boyfriend Sucks (And So Do You)”
For all you fucking cracked up whores out there!

“Kill ’em All”
Let the Flying Spaghetti Monster sort ’em out.

“I Fucked Up”
Then again, who didn’t?

“Mickey Is A Geezer”
This is what you get if you ask me to write a song about you. Also, giezen is for geezers.

“Loser Anthem”
I remember I was on my parents’ attic when I came up with this tune, but forgot what I was doing there. You get this sometimes? Shout out to my loser friends!

“Smashing Cupcakes”
I gotta say I don’t usually let any food go to waste. If this was a true story, I would have eaten that cake off the walls and floor.

It’s a flippo thing, you wouldn’t understand.

When I was 16, I was at the world record attempt of some rapper, trying to cram as many words in a minute or whatever. I fell asleep and didn’t witness the thing, but here’s my personal attempt.

Probably my first actual break-up song. One year later, we did a whole break-up record. Good times!

YouTube videos remain a source of inspiration right up to this day.

“How High Can You Bounce?”
There’s a horrible story behind this song title that has nothing to do with the rest of the lyrics. Great title though, thanks Joe Atom!

“Losing You”
A bloody tearjerker! We haven’t done many of those, but it’s one of my favorite tunes.

“Captain, We’re Drinking”
Pap, straight from the udder. Something you city kids don’t know.

“Creep Like Me”
Warning: explicit content.

“This Blows”
Blow molding is the worst! But work is work, so write your dumb song already, and then get back to it!

“I Ain’t Dreaming Of A White Christmas”
The oldest song still in our playlist. I fear this song might have started climate change?

“Forced Entry”
This is a Zero Boys song we did for a compilation that never happened. I gave a CD with the song to the actual Zero Boys after we played with them and never heard anything from them again.

“I Wanna Be Retarded”
Yeah, I know, sorry about that. Let’s say I meant the band is retarded, OK?

Get the record from Bearded Punk, Monster Zero Records, and Rad Girlfriend Records.

Photo courtesy of The Priceduifkes.

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