Minor Threat’s self-titled EP—with numerous accolades, the song “Straight Edge” often cited as an origin of the straight-edge movement, and the EP as a whole acting as a staple of the hardcore punk genre—turns 40 years old this month.

The EP was the band’s first release, and though the sound and scene around the hardcore genre has changed and evolved, Minor Threat will always be considered some of the founding fathers of American punk music.

Though their impact continues to ripple through music, the band were only together from 1980 to 1983. They released the EP as a compilation album with their second EP, In My Eyes, in 1984.

Revisit the Minor Threat’s iconic debut EP with the stream below:

For more from Minor Threat, check out their page on the Dischord Records website, or find them on Spotify. Photo courtesy of Minor Threat.

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