Chicago Queercore punks 8 Inch Betsy are our Bandcamp of the Day, with single “Mean Days”.

The single is part of a new album, The Mean Days, to be released for the first time on digital platforms August 13 on Baby Robot Records. The album is the bands’ sophomore release and was their final recording before the death of frontwoman and primary songwriter, Meghan Galbraith.

The album shows the bands’ versatility, mashing up sub-genres of ‘90s skate-punk and ’80s hardcore, and showing influences like Hole and early PJ Harvey. The recordings feature Galbraith being her true self: giggles, burps, and all; with her trademark mix of sweet, girly vocals and snarling growls (sometimes simultaneously as she did her own backing vocals).

The band had toured with bands such as The Gossip, Girl in a Coma, and even Cyndi Lauper before Galbraith’s passing, and their song “Doomed” was picked for inclusion on Xbox’s Rock Band game.

Listen to “Mean Days” below, and pre-order the album HERE.

The Mean Days by 8 Inch Betsy

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