Bandcamp of the Day: David Jacobson and the Space Wizards

David Jacobson and the Space Wizards are a throwback pop rock band from Brooklyn.

They just released their newest album, David Jacobson and the Space Wizards II, and it’s available on their Bandcamp page. The album is a complete throwback to the soulful pop stylings of the ‘50s and ’60s. The opening track “You Should Know” is bursting with energy and nostalgia; then the second track “Starting to Forget You” is more of a sad, slow track.

“Internet Friends” contrasts the topic against the retro musical style in a song about the real life relationships that are made online, both the good and the bad. “Run Away” has a deeply sweet pop melody mixed with some very unusual synthesizers and an almost ska-style guitar and beat. Finally, “Last Night” is a slow and acutely emotional track to close out on.


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