Todays Bandcamp is brought to you by French groove metallers Divine Side, following the digital exclusive release of their brand new album !! System Failure !!.

The sophomore effort comes roughly six years after their debut album Entity and comes at the listener with a much more complete, heavier sound. Fans of Machine Head and Trivium should have no problem finding what they’re looking for within Divine Side’s sound. Be on the look out for physical copies of the album in the coming weeks. 

!! System Failure !! track list:

1. Machine
2. Leaders & Followers
3. Frenzy
4. Idiocracy
5. Extinction
6. Wealth Of Our Soul
7. Tyler
8. Log In
9. Log Out
10. Sake Of Mankind
11. Bang! Bang!
12. S.T.F.U
13. Prepare For Peace
14. Prepare For War

Listen to !! System Failure !! here.

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