Our Bandcamp of the day features Illinois’ hardcore metal outfit Of Wolves, and their upcoming album, Balance, released July 4 via Trepanation Recordings.

Vocalist/guitarist Steve Sherwood says:

Balance has been a huge undertaking and a long time coming. The album is a culmination of jams that turned into songs over time. It seems our songs take a bit longer because we let them write themselves. It is a very fluid process, and over time they become what they are. We prefer it because it is very natural and not forced. Balance is what got me through the hardest of times.

Our songs tend to jump the gamut, as we love so many genres and styles, but as time has gone on, we have become heavier and heavier. This is mainly because the world around us is such a shitshow, and it is an honest response to all the moronic absurdity that greed and control have trapped us all into. We never set out or meant to be considered a political band in any way. We see our songs as being about humanity and empathy rather than politics.

This album is about release. About love and loss. Personally, we think there is nothing heavier than that. It is about being a good human being rather than fucking scum and I would like to think most of us have had enough of it. We, as a society, are only as strong as our weakest link and, in that regard, we are all one and we need to learn to stand together as a whole. Only then can we live in the paradise that this earth is meant to be. Not to be enslaved by the greedy hoarders who seem hell bent on having it all whilst destroying everything in their wake, leaving the rest of us just enough to barely survive.

Balance is due for release July 4 via Trepanation Recordings and can be ordered here.


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