Bandcamp of the Day: Sounds to Make You Shudder

Happy Halloween ,everybody! We’ve got treats rather than tricks for you thanks to a very special offering from SkiN GRAFT Records, a label out of St. Louis, Missouri who pride themselves on being the home for artists who don’t quit fit in anywhere else.

SkiN GRAFT recently released a Halloween compilation called Sounds to Make You Shudder, available on the label’s Bandcamp page. It’s full of experimental and avant-garde tunes to make your Halloween extra weird.

David Yow and Yowie kick off the whole project with the creepy spoken vocals over some really fun experiments with power chords. USA Nails bring the “Horror Show” with a lot of noise that’s somehow harnessed into a relatively standard punk song. Lovely Little Girls’ “Procreation (Of the Wicked)” plays with a really funky bass part behind a horn section playing some very unconventional music.

“Mouthful of Moss” by Terms is spurts of guitar-based noise with a scatter-time drumbeat. On “Long Slide” by Tijuana Hercules, there’s a really strange percussion section and some atmospheric sax with a dark and spooky vocal track. Pili Coït’s “Lo Comte Arnau” is the only track on the album not sung in English and it really plays around with some experimental rhythms.

Psychic Graveyard and John Dwyer team up for the trippy electronic sounds of “Is There a Hotline?” Jim O’Rourke’s “guising” is a bizarre sound experiment that straddles the line between what is and isn’t music. Cuntroaches’ “Borborygmus” is one of the most fun noise rock tracks since the Blood Brothers broke up. Strangulated Beatoffs want to wish you a “Happy Halloween” with a five-minute track that sounds like a ghost orgy.

Shatter on Impact’s instrumental track “Amar’s Volta” is presumably a reference to popular prog band The Mars Volta and serves up possibly the most conventional song on this entire, bizarre compilation with its jazzy drumming and moody bass. Bobby Conn’s “Don’t Be Afraid” has a lurching beat and a string section that creates the perfect haunting mood for All Hallow’s Eve.

The Flying Luttenbachers’ “Violence Labyrinth” hits you with a syncopated rhythm that’s just all over the place and always zigs when you expect it to zag. Upright Forms’ “They Kept on Living” sounds like a fun take on early Fugazi’s post-hardcore style with a little more pop sensibility and theatricality. Finally AZITA’s “Tss Tss” is appropriately named after the sound of the drum cymbals that play behind the synths and the free jazz style saxophone.

For further updates from SKiN GRAFT Records you can follow them on Facebook.

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