Bandcamp of the Day: The Hanging Judge

The Hanging Judge is a punk band from Atlanta, Georgia featuring members of The Queers, Anti-Heros, Antagonizers ATL, and more.

They recently released their debut, self-titled album as a joint release between Laketown Records, Sunny Bastards Records, and Liberty or Death Records. It’s streaming now on Bandcamp where you can also order the album on CD or vinyl.

In terms of influences, this album is all over the place. Opening track “No More” gives a distinct Bad Religion-esque hardcore vibe. Then “Not Alone” gives more of a warm, nostalgic vibe more reminiscent of Social Distortion. “Emergency” then takes the energy back up a lot, but with an early Anti-Flag vibe. “Burning Bridges” again has that warmth and familiarity that comes with the best anthemic punk songs from the likes of the Bouncing Souls. “Rat Race” is a fun burst of straight-up hardcore for the shortest track on the album. Finally “Fatigue (Blitz)” closes things out with the catchiest riffs on the whole album.

You can keep up with future updates from The Hanging Judge by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They’re also going to be at Punk Rock Bowling with their guitarist playing in the Anti-Heroes and Antagonizers, and then The Hanging Judge is playing the Punk Rock Saves Lives PRB after party on May 28, so don’t miss out!

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