Bandcamp of the Day: Wilt

Wilt is the experimental solo project of James P. Keeler out of Illinois.

Wilt has a new album coming out on No Part of It Records on March 3 called Crypt Gloom. It’s the third part of a trilogy of albums inspired by the poetry of 19th-century English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, following part one (A Deep Reflecting Gloom) and part two (Crypt Hymns). The first two singles off the album are currently available on the label’s Bandcamp page. The first single, “An Opera of Failures,” is mostly dark, foreboding, ambient music like you would hear in the background of a creepy movie or tv show like Twin Peaks. Then “The Burden of Gravitational Constants” is much more sparse, mostly played with what sounds like a single bass. If you’re a fan of really experimental music, you’ll have to check this out.

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