No matter how classic they become, people are always excited to hear new music from Cannibal Corpse. They finally premiered a new music video and song, and metal fans are loving it.

To no one’s surprise, the new song, “Code of the Slashers,” is a brutal anthem about how sometimes you have to kill a bunch of people and make meat out of them. Those who live for the early, classic days of Cannibal Corpse will rejoice, as there is hardly any noodly guitar work or slam-inspired death on this one. The track appears to be a back-to-the-basics ode to the early days of death metal that spawned them – think Eaten Back to Life or Tomb of the Mutilated. Their sound is raw and uncut, but not without the refinement that comes from playing fast and hard for decades.

The video is also delightfully campy. While there is a little bit of gore, this is clearly inspired by classic horror and psychedelia, and isn’t striving to be the most graphic or gnarly thing out there. (When most of mainstream America is eagerly watching The Walking Dead without flinching, it makes sense to try different tactics.) A lot of the video’s appeal also comes from cleverly placed easter eggs of the band’s logo reading “Cannibal Corp.” and over-the-top humor.

While this is definitely a departure from some of their recent records and the more technical direction the group was taking, it doesn’t seem likely that any fans will be disappointed by this call back to classic metal and horror. The full album, Red Before Blackis due out November 3 (Metal Blade Records), and after this little preview, fans are dying for another taste.

Catch Cannibal Corpse on the road with metal darlings Power Trip and Gatecreeper immediately following the record’s release, and stay tuned for more previews, songs and videos in advance of the release date.


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