“The last line in “Placebo” is one of the first lyrics we wrote for it: “The sickness never ends if you’re fighting the cure.” Our goal with this song was to encourage anybody who deals with depression or suicidal thoughts to reach out and seek help. Talk about it. Don’t stay silent. Every life is precious, and each is uniquely important. We’ll be hitting the road in mid-July, and we’d love to see you there!” – Census

We’re excited to present you the playthrough video of Census’ latest single “Placebo” (watch it below). The track is available for purchase through Bandcamp, iTunes, and all other major digital distributors.

About the band:

Census is an Arkansas-based metalcore band. In the spring of 2017, the band was chosen to play So What?! Music Fest through a contest held by festival founder Mike Ziemer. To date, the band has released two singles – “Placebo” and “Enigma” – and an EP titled Peaceseeker.

Census is constantly working to evolve and mature their sound by writing music with purpose and providing others with a platform to be involved.

Connect with the band:
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