Festival Preview: Monolith On The Mesa September 16-18 Taos, NM

Heads and doomers unite for Monolith On The Mesa in Taos, NM September 16-18 at Taos Mesa Brewing’s The Mothership. Featured artists include Mars Red Sky, The Obsessed, Nebula, Eyehategod, Ruby The Hatchet, Stöner, The Freeks, Mondo Generator, Yawning Man, etc.

Roman Barham, festival co-founder and talent buyer, states:

“I am really excited to have Monolith on the Mesa back! This year’s line-up is a roll over from both 2020 and 2021. We had bands confirmed, and then COVID happened. It was cool that so many bands were still down to be a part of Monolith once we got back. What’s really intense about the line-up is how it fits the surrounding high desert environment. With bands like Yawning Man, Stöner, Nebula, Mondo Generator— Ao many legends of the desert will be jamming. I know Dano (former festival founder who has since passed away) would be really proud of the line-up for 2022. Summer solstice connects us deeply with Dano and how he saw the cosmos and life and how they coincide. Out here, we follow the astrological interpretations of the seasons and change.”

Festival producer Ashley Sanchez comments:

“The summer solstice is the time of year when you start to see the fruits of your labor— financially, agriculturally, in relationships, or otherwise. The solstice reveals if we’re still living in alignment with the goals we set at the beginning of the year. Dano and I worked to live in sync with nature, and it’s still very much something I hold in my own center. In honor of this cornerstone of our relationship together and how our family shows up in the world, we chose the summer solstice to announce the complete lineup for the 2022 Monolith on the Mesa festival.”

Monolith on the Mesa is an open air festival focused around the “Earthship” amphitheater which holds 1,500 people. The festival sits at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains and at the edge of the Rio Grande gorge minutes from Taos Pueblo and the Gorge Bridge. Monolith on the Mesa will honor tickets and other arrangements purchased in 2020 and 2021. Tickets will be rolled over to this year’s Will Call list.

Friday, September 16 lineup:

Mesa Stage-1:00-1:45/ GreenBeard
Mesa Stage-2:00-2:45/ Blue Heron
Mesa Stage-3:00-3:45/ Caustic Casanova
Mesa Stage-4:00-4:45/ Red Mesa
Mothership Stage-5:00-5:45/ Owl
Mesa Stage-6:00-6:45/ The Atomic Bitchwax
Mothership Stage-7:00-7:45/ Daikajiu
Mesa Stage-8:00-9:00/ Eagle Twin
Mothership Stage-9:00-10:00/ Belzelbong
Mesa Stage-10:00-11:00/ The Obsessed
Mothership Stage-11:00-12:00/ Mars Red Sky

Saturday, September 17th, lineup:

Mesa Stage-12:15-12:45/ Via Vengeance
Mesa Stage-1:00-1:45/ Terra Damnata
Mesa Stage-2:00-2:45/ Heretical Sect
Mesa Stage-3:00-3:45/ Love Gang
Mesa Stage-4:00-4:45/ Heavy Temple
Mothership Stage-5:00-5:45/ Year of The Cobra
Mesa Stage-6:00-6:45/ The Otolith
Mothership Stage-7:00-7:45/ Nebula
Mesa Stage-8:00-9:00/ Warhorse
Mothership Stage-9:00-10:00/ REZN
Mesa Stage-10:00-11:00/ Ruby The Hatchet
Mothership Stage-11:00-12:00/ Stöner

Sunday, September 18 lineup:

Mesa Stage-12:15-12:45/ Fever Dog
Mesa Stage-1:00-1:45/ Heave
Mesa Stage-2:00-2:45/ Lilith
Mesa Stage-3:00-3:45/ Communion
Mesa Stage-4:00-4:45/ The Freeks
Mothership Stage-5:00-5:45/ Duel
Mesa Stage-6:00-6:45/ Tabernacle
Mothership Stage-7:00-7:45/ El Perro
Mesa Stage-8:00-9:00/ Mondo Generator
Mothership Stage-9:00-10:00/ Ecstatic Vision
Mesa Stage-10:00-11:00/ Eyehategod
Mothership Stage-11:00-12:00/ Yawning Man

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