Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Album: Satan’s Loss of Son, out now via Season Of Mist  

Solstafir vocalist and guitarist Aðalbjörn “Addi” Tryggvason, like many crazy-talented musicians during COVID, has launched an excellent new project to showcase a different musical side off.  

Bastardur’s blend of Entombed-core death metal and crust punk is a righteous middle finger to the status quo, perfectly marrying punk ethos and energy with metallic fury. However, unlike others who were inspired by existential dread and isolation, Bastardur’s “a-ha” moment came about during a packed, sweaty, outdoor concert years ago, as he hilariously notes:

“I had this divine intervention, if I’m going to be poetic about it. I think it was, I don’t know, 2018 or ’19. I was at Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands watching Disfear. They’re playing, and they don’t do that often. They’re sort of a legendary band. I was there standing in the middle of the venue waiting for them to start.  

“I was probably the first one to arrive, so I waited half an hour for the show to start, whatever. And you have [members of Entombed and At The Gates] these legendary guys. And when they start the show, I almost shit myself. It was so fucking heavy. I had never experienced anything like that, and I’m an old fart. I’ve seen a lot of shit. This was just crazy. So, I basically decided to rip off Disfear. And that’s what I did.”

There are worse templates that Disfear, though Bastardur don’t feel like simply the bastard child of the crust metal legends. It’s genuinely the most fun old (or old at heart) metalheads will have in 2021, at least until we can (metaphorically) shit our pants watching live shows again.

“The thing is, I’m kind of a hyperactive guy, so I like to do as many styles as I possibly can. I’ve been lucky enough to being able to get away with a lot of stuff in Sólstafir. I mean, British goth, black metal, rock, whatever, mixing a lot of styles. But this is sort of next-level; this is sort of the leftovers. I can’t really do this in Sólstafir.  

“So, this is a different league. My love for Entombed, I always have been an Entombed fanboy, since 1991 or something. And then [we also include influences of] Terrorizer, and some Morbid Angel riffing, or Autopsy. I always loved this certain death metal style and old-school death metal. And I think, first riff, 2017, I thought, ‘I think I’ll make a death metal side project.’ Because I like shooting down your guitar and using a Boss HM-2 pedal.  

“It’s like a kid in a candy store; it’s just insane. Kid in a candy store with $10,000 in your pocket [Ed. Note: That’s some expensive candy]. It’s made of crack, it’s so good. I added some Slayer, some Disfear, some Napalm Death, some Motorhead, and realized … this is a failed version of a death metal band, basically. I failed miserably doing a death metal side project because I came up with this instead [laughs].” 

He went into the candy store wanting some candy floss  

“And I ate barbed wire instead.” 

Check out the video for “Burn” here:

For more from Bastardur, find them on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Bastardur and Rumar Hrodi Geirmundsson

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