Festival Review: 311, ZZ Top and .48 Special at the In-N-Out Burger Pomona Drag Strip in Pomona, CA

311 brought their high energy live show and plethora of hit songs to the In-N-Out Burger Pomona Drag Strip in Pomona, California this past weekend. The band made a special one-off appearance, alongside legendary rock band ZZ Top, to celebrate In-N-Out Burger’s 75th Anniversary. The iconic hamburger chain first opened in 1948 and exactly 75 years to the day from their humble beginnings, this beloved Southern California institution threw a massive party at the famed NHRA drag strip they now officially sponsor. This all-day celebration featured drag races, a vintage car show, carnival, a museum dedicated to the company’s history, more burgers than the eye could count, and a massive benefit concert for In-N-Out’s Slave 2 Nothing Foundation which helps fight substance abuse. That’s where 311 and ZZ Top enter the equation, bringing their star power to Pomona to rock for charity.

In-N-Out Burger’s own .48 Special, the company’s inhouse rock’n’roll band composed of longtime employees alongside owner/President, Lynsi Snyder, kicked the night off with a bang. The band plays a mix of classic and alternative rock covers with unbridled passion, and one of the wildest stage shows imaginable. There are lights, pyro, choreographed dancers, fire breathing, and on this night, boss bassist Lynsi Snyder and another In-N-Out approved drummer, channeled their inner Tommy Lee and performed Tool’s “Stinkfist” on an elevated rotating platform, upside down!

The sold out crowd was now thoroughly prepared for 311. The band hit the stage running, opening with “Beautiful Disaster” and ripping through a greatest hits filled setlist that kept the fans down front dancing all night long. 311 fans are a special breed, easily some of the most devoted; follow the band on tour, know every lyric to every song, type of folks. Between 311’s rabid following, and all the burger disciples who split their day between carnival rides and devouring Double Doubles, the atmosphere inside this special Rock 2 Freedom concert was ecstatic to say the least. Of course, you’d be hard pressed not to have a good time when you’ve got Nick Hexum and the gang ripping through jams like “All Mixed Up,” “Come Original,” and “Creatures (For a While).” P-Nut and Chad Sexton are easily one of the gnarliest rhythm sections in modern music, Tim Mahoney’s riffs go insanely hard, coupled with SA’s fiery verses and frontman supreme Nick Hexum, who simultaneously manages to energize and hypnotize the masses, they did what 311 does best; put on a damn good rock show. Highlights from their set included the always appreciated drum solo/full band percussion line during “Applied Science” as well as watching the scores of families in the audience singing the chorus of “Amber” and “Love Song” with their kids.

The legendary rockers in ZZ Top closed the night, playing everyone’s favorite tracks from classic albums like Eliminator and Tres Hombres. Their electrifying sound kept the crowd alive after a full day of fast cars, loud music and tasty burgers galore. It was also fitting, watching Billy Gibbons perform “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide,” at In-N-Out’s first massive public event, given that the formerly regional Western chain has not only ventured into Texas in recent years, but are preparing to invade Tennessee and Idaho as well; which kind of a puts a new spin on this timeless ZZ top classic.


ZZ Top

.48 Special

In-N-Out Burger 75th Anniversary Festival

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