Show Review: Bad Religion at Anthology in Rochester, NY

Words + Photos: Amber James

At the beginning of August, Greg Graffin (or should I say DOCTOR Greg Graffin?) and the rest of Bad Religion gave the sold-out crowd at Anthology a lesson on surf punk and still being able to rock out above the age of twenty-five while not looking like your body is going to fall apart any second. Boasting a setlist of around twenty-five songs, they ripped through all of them with a mastery that can only come from being a band for nearly forty years. This was the first time that Bad Religion had come to Rochester since the late 80s and early 90s, so the audience ranged from your younger punk fans who had just discovered the genre all the way up to older fans who rivaled the age of the band members on stage. One memorable fan was a young boy who couldn’t have been more than ten, who was decked out in his own miniature leather jacket with patches from The Ramones and The Germs, who accompanied his dad along to the show. This even called for a shout out and high from Graffin as he ran the length of the barricade to greet fans at the barricade around halfway through their set.

Bad Religion

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