Show Review: Hot Mulligan, Heart Attack Man, and More at House of Blues in Orlando, FL

Hot Mulligan have long outgrown their affectionate title of “#1 Hot New Band.” Now an emo/pop punk mainstay, the almost completely sold-out headlining tour they’re currently leading seems overdue. Joined by Heart Attack Man, Spanish Love Songs, and Ben Quad, the tour approached its halfway mark on November 25 at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida.

The venue filled out quickly once doors opened. Fans packed themselves onto the floor and balconies in time to catch the first band, Ben Quad. With their shredding riffs and emotive melodies, they’ve been generating a huge buzz since the release of their first album last year.

Another band long overdue for a proper North American headlining tour, Spanish Love Songs made their return to an Orlando stage for the first time in almost two years. The band put out one of the most timely and relatable albums of 2023 entitled No Joy, and it was a treat to hear these new songs in their most raw form, echoing through the concert hall.

Heart Attack Man stormed the stage as security tried their best to keep up with the crowd surfers. Whether you’re a devoted fan or didn’t know who they were until you showed up at the venue, you’re guaranteed to have a good time during their set.

Over the years, I’ve seen Hot Mulligan play in settings ranging from clubs to amphitheaters. While they’ve always been a solid band to enjoy live, they absolutely thrive when given a stage large enough to handle their energy. Accompanied by some dazzling lighting design, the band danced through a 19-song setlist. Every track on their new album Why Would I Watch? was present, dispersed between other fan favorites from their past few albums and EPs.

Attendees celebrated each tune, from holding up cell phone lights for an acoustic performance “Betty” to screaming the chorus to “How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells?” At one point, a large group in the middle of the floor sat down and rowed together like they were at a viking metal concert. Hot Mulligan fans definitely take a cue on how to have fun from their favorite band.

If you’re looking to get one last national tour stop in before the end of the year, this should definitely be the one. That is, if you can manage to get a hold of a ticket!

Hot Mulligan

Heart Attack Man

Spanish Love Songs

Ben Quad

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