Interview: Advertisement Talk New Album ‘Escorts’

Now is the time to make a splash, and that is what Advertisement are doing with their sophomore album, Escorts, out now via Feel It Records.

While their first show was in 2015 in Olympia, Washington, they hadn’t found their footing fully until the pandemic hit, but still held strong and persevered back into what should be mainstays. Now, scattered across the country in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York, the process hasn’t gotten any easier, making the transition to isolation a daunting one. That didn’t mean, however, that the transition the band itself had to make, working together while away from each other, was any easier.

“On Escorts, most of the songs were put together in more of a home demo fashion,” explains guitarist Ryan Mangione. “I think one of the big shifts in that sense is that it opened up a lot of space for more consideration as far as arrangement and working with different textures or ideas for songs and being able to think a little bit more about how they all fit together.”

“It feels a little less controlled,” adds guitarist/vocalist Charlie Hoffman. “This one feels a lot more like we know going into it what styles and music we wanted to use with a little more control.”

The brand wrote American Advertisement over the course of 2018/2019, as a whole band, while Escorts was the opposite, being a project being put together remotely. The group, while writing this album, were trying to avoid falling into categories surrounding associations with country and Americana that had surfaced with American Advertisement.

When they started writing that record, Jesse (Piano/Synth) joined the band with some of the songs already having been worked on as a group. They started to mold a little bit to the live show, however, as the new lineup started to gain their traction. According to Mangione, it opened up a space about writing in a way where that component could be more of an intentional piece within the songwriting itself.

“A big thing I noticed now that I don’t think I noticed at the time was that there was no real expectation with the first record,” explains Hoffman. “People didn’t really know us and we were still figuring out what we wanted to do, whereas with this one, you get to play with the expectations a little bit more. If there are expectations that you’re putting on yourself or other people are putting on you, you can mess with that and have a little bit more power and control over what comes out.”

Now, with a bevy of solid tours under their belt with The War on Drugs, Sheer Mag, Surfbort, and Narrow Head, the group can hold their heads high and salute to a job well continued, day in and day out. It’s okay to be lost in the chaos, but it’s not okay to sleep on Advertisement and Escorts, asserts Hoffman.

“I’m happy with it. I think we’re all really happy with it. So hopefully people give it a listen. Come into it with an open heart.”

Escorts is available from Bandcamp. Follow Advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Facebook

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