Interview: Massacre Vocalist Kam Lee Talks New Record After Seven-Year Gap

It’s finally happening— Massacre are back on the scene after a seven-year lag, with a new lineup and a fourth studio album. Resurgence is out now via Nuclear Blast.  

“It’s more than an elephant, it’s a stampeding herd of elephants, as I’ve been out of the band since 1994, and not a single member from that last record is even in the band now,” says vocalist Kam Lee about his return to the lineup. “What is it like to be back in the band and releasing a ‘proper album’ after so many years? It feels like I finally got my due.” 

Lee considers this record a “direct sequel” to the first Massacre album, cutting out the rest of the canon now that he is back in the fold.  

“I didn’t even bother looking at that last album,” he says. “But as far as how it compares to the debut album, you could say it’s a direct sequel and continuation to where that original album left off.”  

However, there is one major difference. Thanks to modern technology and file sharing, like most other post-pandemic bands, Massacre have been able to communicate through texts and emails and record on their own, making the process even more seamless. That, as well as the connection and chemistry in the newly formed band, helped move things forward.  

“We only had to wait five minutes to add a new riff from the guitarist, not five years like the previous guitarist would take,” Kam admits.  

It seems that for this record, a lot of things are coming together to form a perfect storm of brutality, including the amazing cover art.  

“Wes Benscotter is a genius at surreal artwork, and he did a fantastic job at making a surrealistic piece based on Lovecraftian creatures and mythos monstrosities,” Lee says.  

It’s official— Massacre are back with a vengeance, playing old-school death metal and adding a lot to the flourishing scene. Look out for more music and material coming soon.  

“2021 is only the beginning of our comeback,” Kam adds. “In 2022, we will dominate by releasing even more upcoming new material and special releases.” 

Watch the visualizer video for “The Innsmouth Strain” here:

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Photo courtesy of Massacre

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