Interview: Rouri404 Talks About ‘Crows’

Dive into the story of rouri404, an artist who is making waves in the music world with his unique and authentic style. From his early days exploring the underground SoundCloud scene to the creation of his latest project crows,  rouri404 has overcome challenges that have shaped his artistic development.

In this exclusive interview, rouri404 talks about how he got into music, the influences that have shaped his sound, and how he has grown over the years. We also delve into the personal experiences that have inspired his songs and the creative process behind his EP crows. Join us to learn more about this artist who uses his music to connect and heal, genuinely expressing his experiences to resonate with those who listen to his lyrics and melodies.

First of all, for the people who do not follow you closely, tell us a little bit about how you started in the music world and how you evolved to become rouri404.

Growing up, I was really infatuated with the underground SoundCloud scene, spending all my free time looking for new sounds and artists. After stumbling upon bones and yung lean, I realized music can be whatever you want, that anyone in any place can really just buy a couple things and start. I began recording my own vocals for fun around 2013 and just never really stopped. Around 2021, when COVID was in full-swing, I started recording a lot more seriously, also creating the rouri404 alias around that time.

You mentioned that crows represents a new chapter in your musical career; how would you describe the evolution of your sound from your beginnings to this new project?

Starting out with the rouri404 project, I wanted to just bring something different to the niche hyperpop scene I was in, trying to find a good mix between the upbeat hard EDM and more classic emo vocals and lyrics that I felt hadn’t been touched on yet. Every project I’ve done leading up to this has felt more like a learning period than making a full cohesive solid body of work, while the process of creating crows felt like those final steps towards a full LP sound and just everything we’ve worked towards melding together perfectly.

What aspects of your personal life or experiences have influenced the creation of the songs on crows?

I spent a lot of my teen years battling addiction, in and out of the hospital from either overdosing or having drug-induced seizures, ended up dropping out at 16 because of it and working construction for around four years. When COVID made the whole world stop, I had more time alone than ever and made a lot of major changes in life, realizing I can vent healthily with music and use my own personal experiences to help others, the same way artists I listened to growing up helped me. While recording crows, I just kept everything in mind, using it to heal and hopefully help anybody who can find their own value in it.

Can you tell us about the songwriting and production process of the EP? Were there any particular challenges you faced during the process?

Every song we make starts with just a guitar loop and my basic vocal preset. My mindset with starting ideas is if I can create a simple eight to 16 bars with just my voice and a guitar, and it sounds amazing, then we can make something very special by the end. Production across the entire EP was done by my closest friends and collaborators, typically around eight of us in a room all just having fun, letting the ideas come organically. Lyrically I’ve not written in a good while, usually just tapping in a couple lines at a time off my head, go back and produce around it, repeat. The biggest obstacle through the entire recording process was finishing “decay” by far. We spent months making around 20 different versions, but finishing it felt better than anything else.

You collaborated with Vaeo on “decay.” How did this collaboration come about, and what did Vaeo bring to the song?

Vaeo and I first met in early 2021, deciding immediately we wanted to collaborate frequently and try to be seen as a “duo” when together but still having our own solo music constantly going. “Decay” ended up in Vaeo’s hands after the first feature I had in place fell through. It was a super organic process since we’ve been so close for years, and she always has a way of perfectly complementing whatever style I’m going for.

Speaking of your connection to music, are there any artists that have been on your mind lately or are currently influencing your work? Also, can you recommend any lesser known artists that you think deserve more attention?

Bring Me The Horizon has always been a major inspiration, recently their new album has been a very good source of inspo. Most of my influence and inspiration comes from my peers/close friends, cybertrash, Vaeo, sudbath, polar, and so many more.

As someone who has gone through a lot of personal hardship, what message would you give to young people who are going through similar situations and want to find their way in music?

I started at 13 just recording vocals on an iPad in a closet, never really expecting anything. I just wanted to vent how I felt without self-destructing. If singing or writing helps, do it for yourself. As long as you are happy with what you create, nothing outside matters.

Looking ahead, what are your plans after the release of crows? Are there any dates or other projects you can give us a sneak preview of? We want the scoop! 

Been working on a collaborative tape with Vaeo in free time that isn’t going towards whatever my next solo project is; other than that just looking to tour soon, and keep up the momentum.

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Photo courtesy of Pilot Lee

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