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Desperate Acts
Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Summer of Panic EP | Out Now | Self-Release 
RIYL: Rumspringa. Butterflies Emerging From Cocoons. Composure. 

Summer of Panic is what happens when a group of artists feel composed, confident, and unified in one vision: kick ass punk rock. Comprised of members of bands that were/are on Victory, Bridge Nine, Red Scare, and Havoc Records, you’d expect one thing, but Desperate Acts happily zig when you expect a zag. What has emerged is a gritty, Midwest melodic punk behemoth, full of songs that feel small and massive – both in sound and scope – at the same time. It’s the type of record that is impossible to have on in the background, because it very quickly becomes the only thing you pay attention to for 12 minutes. That focus and style didn’t come easily, but vocalist/guitarist Matt Keil is relieved they all put in the work. “We had an identity crisis trying to write our first few songs as a band. There was a conscious effort to try and differentiate from our earlier bands and add in newer elements that often resulted in a mess. I think with this latest record we’ve settled in and become more comfortable with what we are.” Thankfully, what they are is a punk band that feels like they’re carrying the torch of past greats into a promising future.  

The record itself dwells on some haunted adult themes of how to deal with the world around you. “I think the recurring theme is being made aware of constant, abject horror in the real world all the time, when in daily life you’re just focused on your very immediate needs and drudgery,” Keil notes. “You deal with keeping your family moving along and the small environment in front of you, and in the meantime you have these little panics, because it doesn’t always seem like there’s a lot of hope for a just world. When you’re at work, you can’t say, ‘I think, possibly, the world is being ruined.’ You just start a stupid band with your friends.”

Top photo by Andy Berndt

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