The New What Next: Dogbreth

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Seattle, Washington 
Ever Loving | Out Now | Asian Man Records 
RIYL: Old Friends. Older Sweaters. Happy Gilmore’s Happy Place. 

You know that friend that everyone likes? They are genuine, honest without being an asshole, and can connect with a wide range of people? Somehow, Ever Loving is the musical version of that concept. Dogbreth’s broad-spectrum rock has all the ingredients to appeal to just about everyone: it’s a little jangly, a tad grungy, and definitely dreamy. It’s the musical equivalent of a friend’s embrace – warm and comforting. It’s also got a surprising amount of depth beyond the hazy textures. This idea to create such an easy-going and loveable record somehow came naturally for the band. Their goal going in is reflected in the effervescent feeling Ever Loving imbues on the listener. 

Vocalist and guitarist Tristan Jemsek notes, “We wanted to make a record that rocked with a lot of beauty and texture. I was trying to sort of imagine a cross-section between Crazy Horse and The Cure, something with shimmer and chime and lots of humanity.” This is a classic-sounding record that will be remembered for years to come. 

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