New Noise Magazine is hyped on the lyric video for “Last Blue Text” by The All Brights. The song brings in the sonic atmosphere of summer perfectly with driving chord progressions and an open heart spewing the lyrics. The melodies are fresh with a slight strew of heartbreak detailing the end of a relationship. It’s an aware track with plenty of soaring hooks to keep listeners coming back for more. Take a listen below and be prepared for The All Brights’ upcoming release, The White Album EP, out on June 22nd.

Mattsimum Waves (Guitar + Vocals) had this to say about the song, “2016 was a rough year for me. The swell was down. Big Wave Dave had recently left the band to open Philadelphia’s first frozen banana stand. And worst of all, my chick traded in her iPhone for a fucking Android. It was a crushing blow to my soul, knowing that half my emoji library was basically useless. Our relationship deteriorated to an all-time low due to poor communication. She finally kicked me out after she noticed my royalty check from Red Scare was missing a few zeroes. I ended up camping out on the beach for weeks and was forced to build a makeshift shelter out of bamboo and coconuts. I was drinking A LOT of kombucha at the time and wrote ‘Last Blue Text’ in a haze of tears and farts. I would realize much later that I had hit a sandy version of rock bottom. Even now, I still can’t bring myself to listen to it all the way through.”

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