Swirling into the atmosphere is Hashshashin with their music video for “Crossing the Panj.” Known for their blend of Middle Eastern melodies and ambient drone pulses, the group soar with intricate progressions on the new song. The music video changes colors to match the audacious and energetic output of the group. From their eerie opening to their more driving middle, the seven minute song is bound to bring you into a daze. Take a listen to the track below and read about the creation from both the band and the videographer. “Crossing the Panj” is off of the upcoming September 27th release, Badakhshan, out via Art As Catharsis Records.

“This was actually one of the final songs we wrote for the album,” says Dale. “After searching and experimenting with new instruments and approaches, we closed the circle by returning to our roots with this piece. It feels like a bridge between our debut album nihsahshsaH and Badakhshan, and so we named it to symbolize our crossing into new territory.

To expand on this and the record in general – it’s difficult as a Western atheist to talk about mysticism. When I hear classical Hindustani music, I get glimpses of religious and metaphysical ideas that are fascinating, yet represent a tradition and style that are inaccessible to me.

In a way, I’m trying to find my way back to some sense of spirituality in a culture that has lost both the tools to induce mystical experience, and the language to speak about it. Music is a part of that search, and an effort to communicate experiences and ideas that I haven’t been able to conceptualize.” – Lachlan Dale (bouzouki, guitar)

More from Hashshashin will add a distinct diversity to the music industry. Listening to “Crossing the Panj” spurred feelings of inspiration and creativity that has not been felt as of late.


“The instrumental nature of Crossing the Panj inspired me to create an introspective video on the idea of continual journey. Much like the other songs on the Hashashshin album, each instrumental track can evoke a subjective and personal image based on the emotion that bubbles to the top as you listen. From Crossing the Panj, I feel a sense of determination and commitment spiked and punctuated by moments of energy and depression while never sacrificing its overarching forward momentum. For me, this is the essence of journey – to keep one foot going ahead of the other at all costs. From the mirage-like desert mountains which move perpetually past us to the more human moments of window gazing during travel, I hope I can share my feeling of momentum and energy that is evoked by this wonderful track.” – Videographer Nema Adel

Photo Credit Rhiannon Hopley

Sitting on the border of Afghanistan, the region of Badakhshan in Tajikistan serves as both namesake and inspiration for the record. Scenes of the towering Pamir Mountains and the dust-strewn Wakhan Corridor influence the journey-driven composition of the album, as do elements of drone, ritualism and modern spiritualism.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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