Creating an atmosphere is one thing, but Lauren Lakis goes above and beyond by becoming it. The ethereal presence glittering through “Right Now” is an embodiment of Lakis herself; a dash of beauty focusing on capturing the moment. With swirling guitars and a hypnotic beat, Lakis delivers a seductive euphoric rush of vocals and ambiance. Beauty in this landscape soars. The music video floats between images of outer-space and Lakis, elegantly colored in warmth. Take a listen and a view below, and find “Right Now” on the recently released Sad Girl Breakfast.

“I wrote ‘Right Now’ while on tour, in a firehouse on top of a mountain in a town called Cle Elum, just outside of Seattle, sitting in the stairwell of a dungeon. MRK (fellow LA artist) and I had a ‘seance’ on our off night, and she left her looper pedal on when she walked upstairs to take a break. I started playing guitar over the looper, the words came out, and the final product is not very far from what I wrote that night. We even incorporated the looper sound from a voice memo in my iPhone into the actual track.

It’s about the heaviness of the present moment, the constant energy required to operate in the here and now, how simply existing can be such a struggle sometimes. ‘Malaise’ is the word that probably best describes that feeling. But it’s also suggesting that it isn’t a solitary experience, and that we can find comfort in each other.” – Lauren Lakis

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Directed by Gooey Music Productions & Lauren Lakis
Shot by Gooey Music Productions
Edited by Alyssa Burke

Baltimore born, Los Angeles based artist Lauren Lakis, graces listeners with her signature sound of lo-fi garage rock. Narrating some of life’s deepest and darkest moments, Lakis’ use of honest and resonating lyrics will sink into your soul, creating an immediate connection with the singer. The hand-crafted rawness of her sound bellows deep and true, unscathed by the prevailing winds of today’s polite rock.

Inspired by the challenges that life throws at you, Lakis purposely immersed herself into experiencing arduous and uncomfortable situations. Having looked up to fearless women as a child, the songstress was determined to live her life as real and unapologetic as possible. Wanting to discover what it’s like to lead the lives of as many different types of people in the world, Lakis spent nights writing poetry with junkies in abandoned warehouses, taught English in Prague and Tokyo and both a stripper and yoga teacher in Baltimore and helped as a mentor for kids with Autism. These challenges gave her a whole new understanding, opening her eyes and learning empathy and compassion for others which ultimately infiltrated her songwriting.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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