New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive video premiere of “Exodus” by Nick Tabron. The track centers on the forefront of anti-cyberbullying. There’s a lot of mistreatment online stemming from the internet and this track spreads awareness and is a solace to escape from that. Along with the hashtag #breakthechain, take a listen and spread the awareness and be more benevolent in 2019.

“I thought about how online bullying can often be the cause of much of the depression and anxiety people suffer from today. So many of our peers are so malicious towards others on social media. I wanted to use my music to spark conversations that help put an end to this negative stigma. We want to encourage others to speak positively when addressing one another on social media. The chains in the video signify how victims of status shaming and bullying can become chained with low self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety and depression. In the video, we see the effects of one person speaking negatively to another in an Instagram comment. Then, karma comes back to get her later, once she’s been ‘chained.’ The only way to break these chains is through positivity. Hence, our hashtag #BreakTheChain is one way I’m looking to spread awareness.” – Nick Tabron

Nick is selling #BreakTheChain T-shirts and donating proceeds to The Cyber Smile Foundation, as a part of his campaign against cyberbullying. Purchase #BreakTheChain T-shirts here:

Purchase “Exodus” here




This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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