News: Kurt Vile Covers Bob Dylan’s ‘Must Be Santa’

Musician Kurt Vile and his daughter cover Bob Dylan’s “Must Be Santa” as part of the Spotify Singles Holiday Collection. Vile recently released his ninth studio album Watch My Moves. The record is out now on Verve.

Grooving bass line and light synths pace Vile’s warm rendition. His daughter adds to the track by providing the backup vocals. She also appears on the cover of his recent album, getting a shoutout towards the end of one of the songs.

Vile says Spotify asked him to be on the Christmas collection, giving him free reign to choose the song of his liking.

“It’s really catcht and he makes it his own as he usually does. I figured if I can do Dylan’s ‘Must Be Santa,’ if that’s not taken, it’s a sign,” said Vile. “I gotta be the next chapter in this version of a Bob Dylan Song.”

Vile says he originally envisioned a stripped down, acoustic version of the TRACK.

“But then it turned into more of a weird synth version with (my daughter’s) vocals, which is really the hook.”

The Spotify Singles program began in 2017, created to give artists an opportunity to record new versions of their own songs and work from artists they love.

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