Here are five new albums you should check out this week!

Baroness – “Borderlines”

Album: Gold & Grey (Abraxan Hymns Records)

Georgia metal group Baroness released their fifth studio album today. Listen to the riff-heavy single “Borderlines,” and then pick the album up from Abraxan Hymns records.

Ogikubo Station – “Would I Break My Heart Enough For You”

Album: Okinawan Love Songs (Asian Man Records)

“Would I Break My Heart Enough For You” is a catchy song full of beautiful melodies. Ogikubo Station’s new EP, Okinawan Love Songs is short, with only three tracks, and the warm songs are perfect for summer.

The Jackets – “Losers Lullaby”

Album: Queen Of The Pill (Voodoo Rhythm Records)

The Jackets are a fun-as-hell garage rock band from Switzerland that has the endorsement of rock legend Alice Cooper. Listening to “Losers Lullaby,” it’s easy to see why Cooper is a fan of the rock ‘n’ roll group: their raw sound is irresistible.

Julia Shapiro – “Natural”

Album: Perfect Vision (Hardly Art Records)

Many people know Julia Shapiro from her rock group Chastity Belt. Now, the Seattle songwriter is putting out her first solo record. The music on Perfect Version is absolutely beautiful, simple, yet complex. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of Shapiro’s solo venture.

This Gift Is A Curse – “Wolvking”

Album: A Throne Of Ash (Season Of Mist Records)

“Wolvking,” the first single from This Gift Is A Curse’s latest record, is a hell-raising track that fuses black metal with elements of grindcore. It is an all-out rager with a heavy sound that is abrasive in the best way.


John Silva is a writer based out of Indianapolis who loves pro wrestling almost as much as he loves music. You can follow him on Twitter @hawkeyesilva.

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