Bad Religion have released a demo version of fan-favorite track “Lose Your Head”, from 2019’s Age of Unreason.

This newly-released version is faster than the album version, with alternate lyrics, and was put together by taking previously unreleased rhythm tracks from the Sunset Sound sessions and combining them with the original home demo recordings.

This original version of the song was developed at Brett Gurewitz’ home studio by him and Greg Graffin, and the slower version was suggested by producer Carlos de la Garza during the recording of the album. Basic tracks for both versions were recorded, with the band deciding to use the slower version. Getting to hear this demo version is a great glimpse into the creative process the band goes through, as well as how that early demo version evolves into the finished song we get to hear.

Last month, Bad Religion released their autobiography, Do What You Want: The Story of Bad Religion, looking back over their 40-year career, including rare photos and never-before-seen material from their archives.

Check out the demo version of “Lose Your Head” on YouTube below, or other streaming services HERE.


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