News: BRAT Out With Debut Album ‘Social Grace’

Hailing from the nether regions of Louisiana, New Orleans based death/grind band BRAT had fans waiting in anticipation for their debut album which just released last Friday, March 15. The album, entitled ‘Social Grace’ was teased back in October with the release of their title track and music video. To commemorate the debut, the band has scheduled a short run of shows for the end of the month including a headlining set at BTCHFEST in Richmond, VA.

The group have become widely recognized for their off-kilter pink branding not often seen within the hardcore scene. Having coined the term bimboviolence to describe their aesthetic, they have incorporated that concept into the designs for their band art, flyers, and tour merch. However, it would be a folly to judge their music based on initial impressions because they pack a mean punch. Liz Selfish, the band’s front woman, is fierce by every definition of the word. Her ferocious vocals are paired with what people are calling a “barbie[hard]core” look, complete with long bleach blond hair.

“We created the term bimboviolence as a spin off of powerviolence. We like pairing dissimilar things together and thought it was fun so we ran with it. It quickly became our calling card,” Selfish says.

BRAT seamlessly plays into the juxtaposition of stereotypical hyper-feminine appearances vs. the very male dominated world of metal music and its sub genres. This concept has earned them a lot of respect from fans and fellow musicians alike. It has also allowed them to have a lot of fun in regards to the creative direction of their music videos. The video for “Social Grace” is a three-minute spoof on what you might think of as a dark comedy but behind the lyrics is a truly profound message.

Guitarist Brenner Moate describes how the song is about injustice related to humanity’s poor stewardship of Earth. In many ways, it feels like the video seeks revenge on corporate greed that has led the world into disarray, both on an environmental and humanitarian level. There are many philosophical elements sprinkled into lyrics throughout the entire album, which has given the band a way to speak out on issues they are passionate about.

Produced under Prosthetic Records, Social Grace incorporates plenty of blast beats, bass-laden breakdowns and old-school death metal with New York hardcore-inspired riffs. It is an exciting album launch for BRAT and is sure to lead to many more show announcements for this up-and-coming group in the rest of 2024.

Find a schedule for their upcoming shows at their Instagram page.

‘Social Grace” tracklist below, stream it on all major music platforms.

  1. Ego Death
  2. Hesitation Wound
  3. Slow Heat
  4.  Truncheon
  5.  Human Offense
  6.  Rope Drag
  7. Blood Diamond
  8.  Snifter
  9. Sugar Bastard
  10. Social Grace


Photo Credit: Vanessa Valadez

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