News: Bridge Nine and Agnostic Front Celebrate Record Store Day

Bridge Nine Records, a hardcore and punk music label hailing from the mid-90s, commemorates Record Store Day this Saturday with a remixed and remastered version of Agnostic Front’s “United Blood” EP.  Agnostic Front helped pave the way for the hardcore scene in New York in the early 80s, with “United Blood” being their first release in 1983. The re-release of the EP by Bridge Nine, pays homage to the band and the early days of the scene that it was part of.

Bridge Nine themselves have been an impactful player in the early hardcore and punk scenes,  helping launch bands like American Nightmare, Defeater, Terror, Ceremony and others. Over the past three decades, the label has also worked with established artists like Underdog, Sick Of It All, DYS, Slapshot, New Found Glory and of course, Agnostic Front. In recent years, the label has also opened it’s own record store, stocking vinyl from a plethora of hardcore and punk bands. In their collaboration this year with Agnostic Front, the label pays tribute to the music scene in all forms.

“Who would have thought that our first recordings would have made such a worldwide impact? As young punks on the streets of the Lower East Side, we just wanted to voice our sense of injustice by any means necessary and to make that impact with a sound that only could have come from that place in time…What you are about to hear is magical. It’s right out of my vault, right out of the original unmixed four-track reel! The classic United Blood songs are all here, along with a few unheard takes that would later surface on our debut LP, but completely different! Original producer Don Fury has remixed these tracks in their classic original sound, just bringing them up a few levels; really cementing those primitive tracks,” Agnostic Front vocalist Roger Miret said.

The record will be on sale this Saturday the 22, at record stores around the country carrying Record Store Day merchandise. You can search here where to find the pressing near you.

Photo courtesy of Bridge Nine Records.

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