Bright Eyes have shared their third new song of 2020 as they continue building hype from their reunion toward an album that is yet to be formally announced.

“One And Done,” like the two singles that preceded it, “Persona Non Grata” and “Forced Convalescence,” falls in a comfortable range for the much-loved, indie rock project but redraws boundaries enough to stay interesting. Here, generous echo added to the drums and vocals gives a more synthetic, hazy feel that counters a lush and sweeping orchestral arrangement by the band’s Nathaniel Walcott.

The clues so far point to an album that delivers classic Bright Eyes appeal with collaboration opening new ground. Check the trademark expansive but clear mix by Mike Mogis and rhythmic contributions from Flea and Jon Theodore on “One And Done.”

Bright Eyes’ 2020 tour dates have been postponed and are being rescheduled for 2021. Find more info from Bright Eyes here.


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