Creeper have released a new single, “Poisoned Heart”, from their upcoming second album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void, out July 31.

The single shows an unexpected new sound for the band, as Will Gould’s vocals take on a blackened baritone in a similar darkly romantic vein to Nick Cave before the power-pop hook kicks in. Lyrically, the song fits into the concept albums’ narrative, as character Roe declares their unrequited love to the already-betrothed Annabelle. Gould comments: 

“This song was the first we had written where we’d experimented with a baritone lead vocal. Inspired by Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave I attempted to sing in a way I had not before, combining this with a country sensibility we had established via a piano and acoustic guitar. Lyrically this song sits in the second act of our narrative, our protagonist is realising what it is to feel for the first time.”

Members of the Creeper Cult can delve even further into the albums’ story on a new five-episode podcast “The Story of… Sex, Death & The Infinite Void”. Hosted by journalist and producer Giles Bidder, the podcast examines the struggles the band faced when recording the album. 

Creeper will launch the album on their first-ever Creeper-Con via YouTube, July 30, featuring live interviews and footage from the bands’ infamous London Koko Show. 

Sex, Death & The Infinite Void is a vaguely autobiographical concept album, based loosely on Gould’s life: Boy moves to a new city, goes off the rails, meets new girl, falls in love, and the world as they know it ends. You can pre-order the album, out July 31 on Roadrunner Records, HERE.

Check out “Poisoned Heart” below.

Creeper are set to play a run of intimate album launch shows in December, and a set of headline shows in the UK next year, as well as a handful of European festivals.


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