Cro-Mags have released their first album in 20 years, In The Beginning, out now via Mission Two Entertainment and Rising Empire. The album comes after founder and bassit Harley Flanagan won the rights to the Cro-Mags name last year after a dispute with vocalist John Joseph and drummer Mackie Jayson.

“In many ways, it is a new beginning and also a tribute to where it all began,” Flanagan says of the album.

“The front of the album is my old building I used to live in, called ‘C Squat’ where I wrote most of the music for 1986’s Age Of Quarrel album,” he says of the artwork. “The rear of the record shows me looking down at the site where the building once stood, essentially, it’s me looking at my past and where everything began.”

Stream or purchase In The Beginning here.


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