News: Divide and Dissolve Release New Single “Indignation”

Divide and Dissolve recently released their latest single “Indignation,” off of their upcoming album Systemic out June 30 via Invada Records. The new single is accompanied by a video directed by Sepi Mashiahof. Of the video Mashiahof said, “In reflecting on the powerful and vital messaging found in Divide and Dissolve’s music: decolonization, the destruction of white supremacy, and liberation from oppressive structures—this video is about the collective grief we experience about the lives we all could have were it not for the cruel and arbitrary systems of power that impede each and every one of our potentials.”

On the tracks meaning specifically, saxophonist and guitarist Takiaya Reed said,”a prayer that land be given back to Indigenous people. A hope that future generations no longer experience the atrocities and fervent violence that colonization continues to bring forth.”

“Indignation” and the upcoming album as a whole, is in line with the core intentions of the band’s music. To honor their ancestors and to support a future of Black and Indigenous liberation.

The album is available to pre-save here. And follow the band for updates on shows and upcoming releases.

Photo courtesy of Yatri Niehaus.

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