News: Glitterer Release Surprise EP

Glitterer, started by Title Fight’s Ned Russin, are releasing the new EP Fantasy Four.

The surprise release of the new EP showcases four tracks inspired by the recent untimely deaths of Riley Gale of Power Trip and Wade Allison of Iron Age.

Power Trip and Iron Age are both acts that have been highly influential and celebrated by the thrash, hardcore and metal communities in recent years. Fantasy Four was produced by Will Yip.

“These songs began as conscious and subconscious attempts to work out my feelings after the passings of Riley and Wade,” Russin says about the new tracks. “I was hoping to distract myself but also offer comfort. And so the sounds that followed were often conflicted, sometimes they were even more stripped back and sometimes they were even noisier than usual.”

A seven-inch vinyl version of the EP will be released by Lockin’ Out, a hardcore and punk label that have put out releases by both Power Trip and and Iron Age.

In addition this November Glitterer will open for Tigers Jaw on the East Coast tour.


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