The boys from Bayonne have a new standalone single out. Produced by the band’s own Joe Duplantier and mixed by Andy Wallace, the song premiers along with a new music video animated by Maxime Tiberhgien and Sylvain Favre. The single is the first original music released by the Gojira since their Grammy-nominated LP MAGMA dropped back in 2016.

Check out the video for “Another World” below:

Sonically the track was a warping, prickly guitar groove and features (like many of Gojira’s best songs) a strong environmental message. It’s a harrowing odyssey that guitarist Joe Duplantier describes as a “glimpse into our shadowy future.”

Gojira was formed in France in 1996 originally under the name Godzilla. After the name change in 2001 they released their debut album Terra Incognita. Gojira enjoyed a string of high profile supporting spots with bands like Metallica and Children of Bodom and released a series of extremely well-received albums throughout the 2000s. In 2012, Gojira signed with the US label Roadrunner fro the release of their fifth album L’Enfant Sauvage which translated to The Wild Child in English.

Get a copy of Gojira’s latest album MAGMA here.


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